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Channel Kindness Challenge:
Find #Someone2Turn2

For our October CK Challenge, we're teaming up with our friends at United for Global Mental Health!

Around the world, we’re facing a mental health crisis that can seem overwhelming, leaving too many people struggling and too many families hurting. But together, we can make a difference and every single one of us has the power to make positive changes that will have a real impact. The first step can be as simple as starting a conversation.

The Challenge: In honor of World Mental Health Day on Wednesday, October 10th and inspired by the amazing work of the Friendship Bench initiative, we’re challenging you to start a conversation - a real, honest, open conversation - about mental health. We know that can be awkward (and even scary) but we also know that everyone needs someone to turn to when they’re having a hard time and that the best way to start solving a problem is to talk about it. So:


1. Find your person - your #Someone2Turn2 who you trust.


2. Find a bench. A literal one or just any comfortable place to talk - in person, on the phone, or online.


3. Have an honest conversation about mental wellness. Here are some helpful tips for starting the conversation and we’ll send you more resources when you sign up below.


4. Tell us on social media who your #Someone2Turn2 is and what having them in your life means to you. Make sure to use the hashtags #Someone2Turn2 + #ChannelKindness!

Pledge to take part below and you could win a phone call from one of our favorite people to turn to: Born This Way Foundation President and Co-Founder Cynthia Germanotta (plus some fun Born This Way Foundation goodies)!

*See rules below (and a background video on the Friendship Bench!)


  • NOTE: The terms and conditions for each CK Challenge will vary. Please read the rules - located at the bottom of each pledge form - carefully for each CK Challenge you participate in.
  • The prize for the second CK Challenge, running 9:00 AM EST on October 8, 2018 to 10:00 PM EST on October 31, 2018 will be a call from Born This Way Foundation Co-Founder and President Cynthia Germanotta and Born This Way Foundation swag.
  • A winner will be selected through a random drawing of those who take the pledge above, who share about the CK Challenge on social media with the hashtags #Someone2Turn2 and #ChannelKindness, and who submit proof that they have completed the Challenge.
  • If your name is drawn for the prize, we will reach out to you via email and will you have 48 hours to present evidence of your participation and that you shared on social media with the hashtags #Someone2Turn2 and #ChannelKindness.