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We first dreamed up Channel Kindness as a platform to lift up the voices of young people, to amplify stories of kindness, and - most importantly - to inspire people to put compassion into action in their own lives.


We believe that for all of the hopeless sounding news out there, our communities are actually filled with people who see a need - small or seemingly insurmountable - and decide to act. People who understand that they may not be able to fix every problem, but that doesn't mean it's not worth fixing the problem they have a solution for.


We were blown away by the response and by every single young person who has helped us bring it to life. So as we head into the third year of Channel Kindness, we're ready to make it even bigger.


That's why we're inviting everyone - everywhere, of every age - to join Channel Kindness and we want YOU to sign up.


Here's how it will work:


1. Sign up below to join Channel Kindness!


2. We'll share CK Challenges with you. Every Challenge will be something new, but we promise they will always be fun and that they will always be real and important ways to be kind to yourself and others. (Want examples of what we're talking about? Check out what folks did for #BeKind21.)


3. When you see a CK Challenge you want to take, you'll sign up for it. (We hope that will be all of them, but no pressure.) That way we know who's participating and we can send you fun content to keep you motivated.


4. You'll do the CK Challenge (IRL) and share about it (on social media), using the hashtag #ChannelKindness. The rest of Channel Kindness will cheer you on and we'll be showing off some of our favorite stories and posts along the way.


5. For every CK Challenge you sign up for, you'll be entered to win a prize. Prizes will vary but will always be awesome. And we're coming up with something extra special for those who take every CK Challenge - stay tuned for more details on that!


Ready? Great!




*See rules below




  • NOTE: The terms and conditions for each CK Challenge will vary. Please read the rules - located at the bottom of each pledge form - carefully for each CK Challenge you participate in.
  • A winner will be selected through a random drawing of those who take the pledge above, who share about the CK Challenge on social media with the hashtag #ChannelKindness, and who submit proof that they have completed the Challenge.
  • If your name is drawn for the prize, we will reach out to you via email and you will have 48 hours to present evidence of your participation and that you shared on social media with the hashtag #ChannelKindness.